Thursday, November 6, 2014

Placement of TVs in working environments.

Probably this might be a topic that most people rarely discuss about in details. And we wonder why nobody likes to look at TVs in a working place regardless what's on it. Instead of discussing broadly about where physically TVs are installed in any working environments. I wanted to discuss how those TVs should be embedded into corporate's environment. After decisions are made to install them where at and what for, a final appearance of those TVs can affect an outcome of  corporate's goals. How to install those TVs architecturally and pleasantly in working environments. Can we think of it as if we hung a piece of art? Whether TVs are installed at an elegant lobby, office hallway, executive boardroom, industrial warehouse or locker room, these TVs are a part of design elements that could psychological influence audience's behavior. If a height of screen position is higher than natural eye level, it is uncomfortably to look and usually undervalues its own messages. If it is important to audience, it should be presented in a way that intends to get people's attentions. I will discuss about what on screens itself later.

Recommended considerations: 
  • Portrait look makes it more interesting.
  • Customized frame on TV compliments a surrounding.
  • Typical TV bracket can be replaced by other options. 
  • A height of TV should be at eye level.

Think about Feng Shui, a good placement of objects can bring a positive energy to a surrounding. If it is positioned properly, those TVs could be more interesting to be looked at. Because it is technology, it can function and look pretty too. 

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