Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How corporate deploy TVs at their working environments.

Everything is so complicated nowadays. Nothing seems to be easy any more. To deploy TVs at a workplace is no exception either when it should not be. Because it looks and sounds very technical, first thing comes to mind is that IT department must take a look on this. Keeping it simple is always the best way to deal with something that there is nothing related to main business. By treating and using  TVs in working environment as a communications tool, it can give corporate with a viable approach for deploying them.
Typically, corporate's IT department will seek for software, hardware, infrastructure and make sure technological aspects are taken care of. Then, it is up to other departments to provide contents or manage those contents on TVs. If not, IT department is on a hook. Unfortunately, this has become a common problem for almost every organization where TVs were deployed. Like everything else, devil is in the details. Attentions in details are required to achieve a greater result that corporate is expecting. Some might say that content is king. However, if corporate cannot manage those contents effectively and efficiently, all they have are a bunch of TVs hanging and nobody appreciates it. Crisscrossing processes create a burden on personnel and staff. As a result, all those TVs frequently are left out with no use, stale, outdated, and stagnant information instead of display informative, useful and attractive messages.

Instead of going such an extent, corporate might be better off with managing services that can take care of every aspect of those corporate TVs. IT department in today's world is bombarded by technology issues that come to its department from every direction. If we think about it, most contents will come from PR, marketing, communication, or safety departments. Outsourcing of management and coordination of everything needed to be done on those screens might be worth of time and resource.

Content management is the most important element of executing and utilizing those TVs. I usually recommend clients to minimize and avoid everything unnecessarily in deployment process. And, turning their focus on what corporate want to get across since managing all contents on TVs can be a pain. Can a tool provide value-added for what you already have? And, what value is it? Or, what kind of contents on it to benefit and attract both corporate and audience respectively?

By efficiently allocating available resources, corporate can reduce cost and time while benefiting from using TVs as their communications tool. Managing services can give a new light to TVs in working environments such as making them more engaging, attractive, informative, useful, and exciting, which everybody can take advantage from.

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