Friday, October 31, 2014

Part III: Get the most out of TVs you already have.

There are a few of unfamiliar benefits and advantages, which we don't normally recognize from workplace TVs. Increasing Employee Morale and Saving Lives. For obvious reasons, most TVs at work do not provide any useful information relevant to our needs. People start to ignore or acknowledge all that exists. Turning workplace TVs to a dynamic communications tool can add another dimension of communications in working environments. Audiences can feel personally affected by positive information and useful messages within a few seconds. If we look around business offices and working environments where we work everyday, we usually find that corporate are trying to create a working environment that could connect to their employees both work and non-work related. Beautiful artworks create a welcoming and relaxing ambience. Motivational and inspirational posters give a feeling of teamwork for a higher achievement. Simple reminders and tips could save lives. If only workplace TVs could be used for some of those reasons, corporate might find a new way to their employee's liking. Static messages can become lively. Employee morale is very important in today's corporate world. To those working environments, at where everyone is working on fast-paced, no time, high-stress, and multi-cultural, communication has become a critical part of organizations. 

How does your organization send a simple but meaningful message which most people can see and understand without reading? 

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