Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Part II: Get the most out of TVs you already have.

Are your traditional methods of communications working effectively in today's working environment?

We are seeing a trend of this whole idea that getting corporate information and messages across is becoming more and more ineffective. Regardless where messages come from: public-relation, marketing, human-resource, risk management, or safety departments, it is critical for corporate to deliver those messages to visitors, employees, staff and contractors. In corporate environments especially public areas, relevant messages are matter for targeted audiences to create an expected result. By turning existing TVs to a dynamic communications tool, corporate can benefit from economies of scale and save on the overall cost of re-creating and disseminating all information, allowing employees and personnel to focus on their day-to-day mission. Furthermore, using TVs as a dynamic communications tool adds a benefit of immediate personnel interoperability.

Needless to say people are busy, audiences are on the move and personnel are overloaded by their normal workloads. Keeping that in mind will help you select a suitable platform to achieve your goals: operational, financial and strategic without becoming a burden afterward.    

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