Monday, October 27, 2014

Part I: Get the most out of TVs you already have.

Whether TVs are at a lobby, hallway, waiting-area, locker room, break room or assembly line area, it must engage your audiences.
A thorough consideration of goals and expectations will help corporate get the most out of their investment, and help them save money while using it.
Those TVs should improve and complement working environments to be more welcoming, informative, useful and relevant for everyone who is walking by. Communication  is a fundamental of everyday lives. Working people spend time outside home whether on the roads or at business settings. Getting messages across while audiences physically moving requires a delicate balance of understanding human-interaction.

Instead of traditional return of ROI, innovative communications can help engaging customers & employees, lowering operating cost, improving employees morale, increasing productivity and so on.  Different locations mean different purposes for different audiences. Workplace TVs can independently deliver information and dynamically  disseminate  communications throughout corporate cultures anywhere anytime.

Business applications:

  • Corporate Headquarter & Branch Offices
  • Local Authorities & Government
  • Healthcare
  • Education & Institution
  • Manufacture & Factory


  • Welcome Messages
  • Corporate Information
  • Corporate Announcements
  • Tips and Awareness
  • Safety Information and Policies
  • Real-time Emergency Announcements


  • Employees, Staff, and Contractors
  • Visitors, Guests and Customers 
  • Students, and Faculties

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