Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Creating a positive workplace culture everyday.

With globalization and technology, big companies are seeking for an innovative means to connect with a diverse culture of their employees. A company, for example, with a size of 1,000 -  50,000 employees and contractors at multiple facilities across the country or international would need more and better approach to improve corporate culture. Conventional communications and strategies are totally inadequate. Unless corporate executive can meet and greet everyone in person, employees may not feel their existences. What kind of approach do corporate need to create a positive workplace culture everyday? It is not unusual to learn that employees feel isolated or disconnected with their management. People ignore emails. People throw away handouts and flyers. Time is money. A miscommunication could significantly impact the company's bottom line.

Conventional usages of TVs at a workplace is typically meant for marketing, news and information.  How about using TVs as a cost-effective marketing and communications tool? Can TVs enhance and add another dimension of corporate communications? Simple recognition and appreciation of jobs well-done on screens can immediately bright up everyone's day at work!
  • Thank you ...
  • Congratulation ...
  • Employee of the month
  • Teamwork achievement
  • Volunteering 
  • Project success
  • Open enrollment
  • Corporate news and updates
Centralized and decentralized communications become a challenge for corporate's public relation, human resource, marketing, safety and risk management departments to deliver company's messages effectively. With dynamic TV platform, corporate headquarter can simply deliver global messages while local manager can easily deliver more specific and relevant messages and information to his or her facility.

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