Friday, November 21, 2014

Regular TV set can do more than we think.

Communication is always one of the most important parts in every organization. We can't live without it any more. It gets us to connect and communicate with each other effectively and efficiently. I probably appreciate all technological evolvements of communications the most since most of my work is in a communication and technology sector.
What is communication? Communication is a method that conveys or delivers message(s) from sender to recipient. That's it. Regardless what kind of methods or how complicated methods are, the idea is an ability to deliver a form of messages. Having a good communication often requires well-thought of design, infrastructure, execution and backup plan. Then, with the right messages and information, communication can reduce cost, increase productivity and save lives.
In recent years, the inability of government agencies to respond immediately in certain situations suggests that we need to be ready in case of emergency. When asked, how ready is your organization to cope with an unforeseen situation? We usually think of emergency training and class to deal with situations, or capability of connecting and getting information across either thru alarm, cellphone, telephone, radio, computer etc. We want to make sure we can connect and deliver messages or information to whom we are trying to help. In emergency situations, most people might be losing their focus. Information does not help them unless it can be delivered dynamically and proactively in real-time at the moment it is needed. Most technologies fall short by just delivering and informing people with a message.  During crisis, there could be a million things occurring despite well-trained. Corporate needs a tool that can take an emergency communication to the next step. Workplace TV can conveniently be used as a communications tool to enhance and maximize corporate's communications. TV medium is naturally capable to be seen and heard. With dynamic communication platform, it can inform, direct and suggest audience in real-time with both visual and auditory information based on circumstances. In a horrifying situation, people need a clear guideline what to do next and in what they can understand while waiting for someone to rescue them!!!

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