Monday, October 20, 2014

TV utilization. am not going to discuss something technical here! 
Let's talk about TV like what it is. Have you seen my new TV? Wow...look at that screen. TV is getting bigger, thinner, lighter, nicer, more features and functions. However, nobody is going to look at TV without turning it on. At the moment that awesome TV is turned on, wow, ooh and aah sounds of excitement light up the whole room. Whatever is on TV, it takes us to an interesting and unknown world. It is the beauty of TV. It galvanizes us. Whether it is a show, program, or news, TV contents give us visual and audio pleasures. TV may not mean much without high-quality and wonderful contents. Today's most advanced technology make it easy for TV to receive different kinds of contents through variety of sources and providers such as traditional antenna, satellite dish, cable box, Internet streaming etc. 

There is no doubt, financial opportunities generated by TV are enormous. Because TV can persuade human-behaviors, business ideas around TV are visible both inside-home and outside-home. Engineer is typically taught to create ideas, develop and implement things, which can improve everyday-life things. Engineers have come a long way from being a nerd, haven't they? Financial success motivates an engineer to think like an entrepreneur. Thinking for the improvement alone is no longer enough. When engineers got into a business meeting, they must understand what ROI (Return On Investment) means as well. What is TV nowadays? When TV is used outside home for whatever reasons are, it is not watched by traditional audiences any more. As a result, new challenges of TV utilization must be adapted to suit new needs and requirements. This approach has been adopted by many businesses to attract their audiences. It is even more mainstream when it comes to advertising than entertainment and news uses.
Can TV be more than just revenue generating ideas for business?

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