Sunday, October 19, 2014

TV everyday.

TV is everywhere nowadays. When it is not embedded with tuner, it can also be referred to as digital display, monitor, electronic board etc. in different sizes. Based on Wikipedia, TV was invented back around the late 18th century. It is awesome how TV becomes part of our everyday lives. It gives us all laughs, joys, funs, excitement, dreams and imagination. And since then, it has been a vehicle for entertainment, advertising and news. 
I used to think which one I'd prefer between watching TV and listening to music. I could not decide which one I can live without. I can easily get lost of time by watching anything on TV and comfortably relax by listening music. 
In the past 15 years, TV is gradually crawling out of the living room, bedroom to boardroom, meeting room, store and everywhere. More and More. What more can we get out of so called TV???? 

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