Monday, April 16, 2018

Compliance Fettuccine!

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Could the culture of ethics and integrity be delicious like pasta cooked by Lidia Bastianich?  

Lidia is one of the most recognizable Emmy award-winning TV host chefs in the world, author of a best-selling cookbook, and renowned restaurateur. She travels the world doing guest appearances on other famous chef shows, like Julia Child: Cooking with Master Chef’s, speaking at events, cooking for charities and fundraisers, sharing her experience with young audiences at schools and universities to spread her delectable and deliberate recipes. What better way to spread the love! 

Last week I had the delightful honor of sitting down with Lidia. Her love of cooking must be contagious because she gave me some great food for thought -- If Lidia can cook her pasta for people around the world to enjoy, perhaps companies could combine their ethics and compliance ingredients into building a culture of integrity so all employees across an organization can love compliance too! Inspired by Lidia's renown Fettuccine with Mafalda Sauce recipe, my corporate compliance recipe would look something like this: 

1          cup of ethics
1 1/2    cups of compliance
2          dashes of integrity
1          pinch of professionalism
2          cups of refined culture
1          handful of happiness

Baked well and served on a visual communications platform, rather than the old traditional pasta bowl of trainings. Now employees can learn and embrace for best visibility, repetition, and behavioral change. Mmmmm :) Viola! A culture of compliance served...I think we are onto something.

I felt a connection to Lidia upon learning that her passion for food is her connection to her grandmother. I have a similar connection to compliance and ethics through my grandfather, Harry J. Hurley. He was the Chairman of the Board of Ethics of Medicine in America and I remember when I learned that, I felt like I was carrying on his legacy in a way. He was motivated to serve a higher purpose for the well-being of society, and through my work at Neztec I feel like I'm also able to fight the fight for the good guys. My grandfather had strong integrity, and his medical practice was his life’s devotion. These people, Lidia, her grandmother, my grandfather, and many, many others are people we have to look up to as role models. It is incredible to see the spirited growth in a person when that someone devotes their life to becoming expert in a chosen path to dignified work, following passion down an interconnected road of success and happiness. This is the difference between a career and a profession. Through compliance and ethics, we welcome all to join in on that greater mission.

As Lidia always says to all of her pasta lovers, “Tutti a tavola a mangiare!” (Everyone to the table to eat!). So I will invite all compliance lovers to step up to the table, “Bon appetit and cheers to doing it right!"

Written by Charlotte Whiteman - Defense Mitigation & Remediation Advisor
Neztec Solutions Inc.

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